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If you would like to begin by email then please contact us.  We need your name to look up any current court information about you.  Please leave a valid email address and phone number so we can get back to you quickly.  If you are contacting us for a friend just note that.  

Do not admit anything in your email.  You can say that you were stopped for a DUI or give us a general summary but don't admitted you had been drinking or any specifics.  

No attorney / client relationship exists by sending an email.  That is part of why you are told not to give any admissions.  An attorney /client relationship does not exist until we agree to accept your case and the terms have been settled on.

If any sales people, website design, lead providers, etc contact us through this email you will be a company we block from doing any business with in the future.  If we want help we will contact you.