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Aaron Nielson

I'm Aaron Nielson and this is my law firm.  I'm very hands on with issues and most clients deal directly with me for their entire case.  By being hands on I take on fewer cases than many other firms but my clients get the personal attention and contact that they hire me for.  When I've been working with you from the first day you contacted my office we avoid issues like you calling in and not being able to get answers because the person you are talking to isn't familiar with your case.  Even worse would be appearing in court with an attorney you've never talked to and that doesn't know the facts of your case.

I've been licensed as an attorney since 2003.  I am licensed in Utah and Washington and I handle cases in administrative hearings, municipal courts, justice courts, district and superior courts.  I will handle cases in Utah or Washington and also in Federal and Bankruptcy courts.

I began working for the prosecutors office right after law school and before being sworn in to the state bar.  The day after officially becoming an attorney I handled my first trial and have been doing criminal cases ever since then.  I prosecuted cases in Utah from 2003 to 2008 with some small gaps.  Around 2005 I started taking on some private clients for civil matters and was trained on bankruptcy law.  I was also a licensed real estate agent so I did some late night work reviewing contracts and helping people close on houses.

At the end of 2007 start of 2008 I transitioned to private practice.  I was hired out of the prosecutors office to set up a criminal division for a local law firm.  That firm expanded for a short while and I was asked to help with that by moving to Washington in 2009 and starting up an office there that would operate criminal defense and bankruptcy divisions.  That company decided they grew to big to fast so I took over the Washington operation which I still run today.  

I've done a lot of commuting with my work since 2009.  I usually live where the bulk of my clients are which currently has me in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I was born and raised here so Salt Lake City it home.  I still help prior clients of mine in Washington but I am very selective of new cases considering the cost of commuting.  

I have worked as a public defender in 4 Utah courts off and on since 2005.  I enjoy having a day every week or month in the same court where I can help those that don't usually have the ability to afford an attorney.  Then I of course have my primary operations of criminal defense cases and bankruptcy work.  I handle all types of criminal law cases.  Most of my work in that area are DUIs, drugs, domestic violence, shoplifting and white collar offenses (like stealing from your employer).   The bankruptcy work I do is limited to consumers (the people that borrow money, not the banks that lend the money) and I only do Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases.  Those are the 2 types of bankruptcy that most people have heard of.

In 2016 I was also hired for the first time as an Administrative Law Judge.  I am one of a few (three at the time of writing) that hear disputes involving the Utah Scenic Byway Commission.  

So in summary, I've been an attorney since 2003 and I'm licensed in both State and Federal Court in Utah and Washington.  I primarily handle criminal defense cases and bankruptcy work.  I will also do Wills and other basic paperwork that everyone should have.  I started doing uncontested divorces for a few clients and have expanded to handling them for new clients at a very reasonable flat rate.

I've worked as a:

- Prosecutor

- Public Defender

- Private Attorney

(Criminal Law, Bankruptcy, Wills, Divorce)

- Administrative Law Judge