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Aaron Nielson Law is a small law firm that gives each client personalized attention.  With communication and attention to you, we take over your case so you can focus on the other parts of your life.

We understand that dealing with the courts, creditors, police and managing all of the details is complicated for people that don't deal with our legal system on a daily basis.  By hiring the right attorney, you are trusting us to make sure the necessary work is done.  You are kept up to date of court dates, due dates and your case status.  Let us worry about the daily details and we will go over your options and choices with you as they become available.  Hire us to do our job so you can get back to yours.

Criminal Law

Criminal law can cover small items like your grass is too long or parking ticket all the way up to serious crimes like rape and murder.  The less serious crimes like speeding, shoplifting, public intoxication, minor drug offenses and some DUIs are heard in the Justice Courts.  More serious crimes like repeated drug cases, DUIs, thefts, domestic violence can be heard in the District Court.  While a first or second offense for drugs, DUIs, theft, domestic violence and others may start off in Justice Courts, with repeated offenses the possible penalties increase and so does the jurisdiction.  Violent crimes, sex crimes, drug distribution, high value thefts, using a gun in a crime, crimes that involve planning tend to be felonies and are also handled in the District Courts.  We also have Federal Courts that hear certain types of crimes or crimes that happen in a certain jurisdiction or on Federal Lands.  

Whether you believe the crime is serious or not, the type of court it is in, whether you think you are guilty or not, you should talk to a lawyer before going to court and definitely before entering a guilty plea.  Many criminal law attorneys offer a free consultation to help get you started.  An attorney's job is not limited to just getting people off for crimes they have or have not committed but much more.  Attorneys guide you through the system so you understand what is happening.  Attorneys review the evidence to make sure the government has enough evidence to actually prove the case against you.  Attorneys negotiate charges, various terms, sentences and penalties with the prosecutors.  Attorneys argue your side to the prosecutor, judge or jury.  The law has rules set about how to handle each of these situations.  You hire an attorney because they know these rules and how to get the best result for you based on the facts of your case. 

Public Defenders are available for some people.  Find out all of your options.  When searching for an attorney, if you have a fairly typical case that we see a lot then many attorneys are going to have the skills necessary to handle the case for you.  Do some research on your own.  Does the attorney you are hiring do the work or do they hire it out to someone else?  Do they do motions to try and get the evidence kicked out?  Are they skilled and experienced enough to go to trial for you? (many attorneys take the case with the intent to take whatever plea deal the prosecutor offers you.)  What are you hiring the attorney for?  Does the fee include motions, court, trials, appeals, negotiating, reviewing evidence, hiring experts, coming to court after you've been sentenced and more.  Most attorney exclude certain items upfront (I do) because they may not be expecting to handle that issue.  A lot of attorneys will charge extra for a bench trial or a jury trial.  Most don't handle appeals.  Many charge more for going to court after you've been sentenced.  That's all fine but you need to know that upfront to properly compare prices.  The attorney says they will go to trial but how often do they really do a trial and talk about the results.  (No attorney should be guaranteeing a result.  How could they since the decision rests with the judge or jury.)  And for me one of the most important issues is being able to communicate with your attorney.  Do they take your phone calls or call you back within a day?  Do you talk to the real attorney or are you just dealing with a receptionist or a sales representative.  

If an attorney is priced much higher or lower than the others then find out why.  Price should not be your deciding factor.  A 1st DUI on your record comes with mandatory jail, fines, suspended driver's license, evaluations usually classes or maybe even treatment, Maybe extra court dates, ignition interlock (like a breathalyzer) on your car.  Your insurance will probably go up but you might also have to obtain special insurance that costs much more.  Will you lose your job over a DUI?  Depends on the company and what you do.  Will it impact your licensing for work, what about a security clearance?  Do you travel outside of the US?  Some countries won't let you in if you have a DUI on your record. (check Canada)  Are you in the US legally?  Are you a citizen?  Most criminal defense attorneys are not very knowledgeable about immigration issues.  If you have any potential immigration issues you will also need to talk to an immigration attorney so both of your attorneys can try to work together and protect you.  Never hide anything from your attorney.  Remember the you have a right to an attorney and the attorney client privilege.  What you tell your attorney is confidential and they need all of the facts to give you the correct advice.

Being involved in the criminal court system can be the most serious issues you face.  The criminal courts have the ability to restrict your rights, take away money by fines or forfieture, take away property in some cases, restrict your freedoms, make you do stuff you normally wouldn't choose to do, lock you up in prison (which depending on the crime could be for life) and a court system that can even order the death penalty.  When dealing with a system that can cost you everything including your freedom and your life I believe you always need an attorney, and you need to find the right attorney for you and your situation.  Don't ever feel bad about shopping around.  You owe it to yourself to get the best attorney for you.

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Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy is not a position that people want to find themselves in.  Despite what we see on the news about people abusing the system to get out of paying their debts, most people wait much longer than they should before filing bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy is a legal way to resolve some of your debts if you find yourself in a situation where you can no longer afford to pay your necessary living expenses (food, rent, clothes, transportation, utilities, medical) and you have other non-necessary debts (credit cards, old medical, past judgments, repo'd cars, anything you are paying for you no longer have, use or need.)

Most people find themselves headed in to bankruptcy due to circumstances beyond their control.  Many of us live paycheck to paycheck and missing a week or work can start a domino effect that we just can't recover from on our own.  

So many people were raised that you are supposed to be financially responsible and you repay the money you borrow.  This is great unless your attempts at doing so aren't going to be successful and you harm your family and their future in that failed quest. As I mentioned before, the media acts like people go out and get thousands of dollars of goods and cash on credit cards, new cars, vacations and then file bankruptcy over and over to get stuff for free.  The bankruptcy system already has rules in place to identify and deny relief to people trying to take advantage of the system.  The people that get to me have usually tried everything they can to avoid bankruptcy.  They often are working multiple jobs, have given up their cars, are living on cheap food like canned tuna fish and Ramon Noodles.  They have already cashed in and spent their investment accounts.  They have borrowed all they can from what their families can spare.  They are taking out pay day loans each week and from multiple locations and they've pawned everything they have of value.  Then another event happens like a car accident sending them to the hospital and missing work.  Another set of bills, missed work and a missing paycheck.  Then the loans default one by one, garnishments happen and the people are left with nothing and come to an attorney for help.

The truth is that once the people couldn't pay their monthly bills without having to borrow from other sources they should have already talked to an attorney.  In the beginning a bankruptcy attorney could help you avoid bankruptcy or at least help you plan for it to be over quickly so your family can move on without the horrors that go along with being in debt.  Unless you've been there you don't understand the fear of your phone ringing, a stranger at your door, checking your bank balance to see if your money has all been taken, wondering if that stranger parked on the street is there to repo'd your car, furniture, kick you out of your home, turn off your gas, electricity, water, (cable, internet are already long gone) or to serve you with a notice that they are going to start taking your paychecks.  Bankruptcy is the legal and correct way to protect you and your family from the worst.  

Did you know that the law lets you keep the necessary stuff your family needs to live?  Part of your paycheck is protected, in most cases your retirement, 401(k), IRAs and similar have protection.  You get to keep reasonable cars to get to work and emergencies, clothes, food, appliances, furniture, guns and more.  These are examples of the items that people usually have either cashed in to pay never ending interest on debts they can't pay or have sold to pawnshops and such for pennies on the dollar.  Having spoken to an attorney early on could have helped make a plan of how to get out of debt, what assets to use and what to save, and a plan for bankruptcy as a last resort.

Being in debt to such an extend can cause massive amounts of stress that is harmful to your health, your marriage and relationships.  And no matter how much you try and hide this type of situation from your kids they know about it.  Don't let your family suffer and ruin your future over pride.  Like I said earlier, most people are in this situation due to an event that was beyond their control.  Some people are just bad with money and lived so close to the edge that they had no choice when the dominos fell.  For those that lost a job, had a death in the family, a medical emergency or an accident, use the tools that have been provided to you.

You may be in this situation due to no fault of your own.  Even with Obama Care giving your or forcing you to have insurance, most people are financially devastated with something like cancer, a major accident or other major medical.  Even if your medical get's paid (I still see cancer patients owing hundreds of thousands after insurance pays) you've still missed work and you probably won't be back to full strength for years.  Talk to us in the beginning so we can help you with avoiding mistakes.  And let's talk about how to avoid sticking all of this debt on your family if the worst should happen.

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General Legal

While we focus on Criminal Defense and Bankruptcy Law we do handle a few other common issues for clients.  Depending on your situation we might be able to help with some of these other areas:

 - Family Law / Uncontested Divorces

- Wills, Power of Attorney, Healthcare Directives and other basic legal documents.

- Defense against collection law suits that don't involve bankruptcy.

- Student Loans

- Defense against illegal collections to collect a debt such as: repeated phone calls after being told to stop, calls to your work or family, threats of jail for non-payment, other illegal treats, excessive calls, calls outside of legal collection hours, attempts to collect on invalid debts or debts previously discharged in bankruptcy.  Don't give in to high pressure collections or threats.  Bill collectors con't have you arrested, the police aren't just checking to see if you are home to arrest you for not paying your bill and if you pay right then they will call them off.  These illegal scare tactics often seem to happen on holidays.  Learn your rights and call for help if you have a bill collector that is out of control.

- Small claims issues.

- Contract or document review

We want to be the attorney for our clients.  While we can't help in every case if you call us we can help you decide if and what type of attorney you need.  Maybe we can make some suggestions of attorneys to call or places to begin with getting help.

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Make the Right Move!!!

When dealing with legal issues waiting to talk to an attorney is not usually the right move.  Call as soon as you can and work with your attorney from the beginning.  Maybe you'll be able to avoid needing to go to court in the long run.


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